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Name: Kayla Vance
Nickname(s): Baby Girl, Special K, JR, GP #2 (dont ask! lol)
Gender: Female, unless I'm mistaken.
Age: Sweet 16
Location: Prince George, Virgina.. aka the Boonies
Three random words: Peanut Butter Jelly!
If you have 200$, what would you buy with it: Shoes. I have a major obsession. Or anything Spongebob. 0=)
Favorite color(s): Pink, black, and white. Or anything with those 3 colors together.
Favorite band(s): Evanescence, Jagged Edge, Boys II Men, Jimmy Eat World, Incubus (lovin the variety, I know!)
Reason you want to join: I recently got interested in rating communities, and I figured this would be an interesting one to join!


Oooh rockin the eyebrow ring! Ok ignore my LD-ness. =P

Pre-eyebrow ring.

Me being silly before the Military Ball.
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