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Stamped// Randomness at its best

A theme I did for a community

My Pimp Penguin, and my Spongebob-a-licious bed

More of my bed

My figurines. Tigger. Green M&M. Red M&M. Pooh.

My stuffed Spongebob

My Scooby stuffed animal/ pillow thing

My Pink 8 Ball

The Pimpest Penguin you will ever meet

Monkey and Penguin

Stuffed Monkey

My Furbys. Yes, I still have Furbys. But I took the batteries out years ago.

My Spongebob from Easter

The Original 8 Ball

Me holding 'the boob' Crystal got me way back in the day.

Squeeze the boob.

The pimp spongebob PJ pants I got.

Yes, I live next door to Freddy Kruger. Read the mailbox.

Another shot of the mailbox

Baloon Flowers Crystal and I got made

My door

Some of you know what that means. Some of you don't.

A pimp red and white phone I saw at Wal Mart

A drawing I did of Jess in Art

*Hugs Movie*
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