FiN tHe cAt (greydragon) wrote in weird_fuck,
FiN tHe cAt


Name: katie
Nickname(s): fin/ flakey-katie (but only my sis can call me that!)
Gender: girly
Age: 18
Location: blefast
Three random words: sisters, meow and day dreams
If you have 200$, what would you buy with it: anime off ebay, cds, icecream
Favorite color(s): grey/ purple
Favorite band(s): kidney thieves, NIN, rammstein, sisters of mercy, jack off jill, HiM, tears for fears, my ruin
Reason you want to join: im bored and need something more
(de)constructive to do with my time??? no? ok i want to join a community of FRIENDLY people (still looking for one o.O)

this is me, dont laugh:

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