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Name: Emily
Nickname(s): Emma, Emmers xsweetcherry69x gave me that one, Emma Anne
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Location: Prince George, Virginia
Three random words: Truth, Hate, Envy
If you have 200$, what would you buy with it: clothes. I am in major need of more variety.
Favorite color(s): Red and White :)
Favorite band(s): The White Stripes, Led Zeppelin, Alkaline Trio, Pink Floyd, Maroon 5, Nirvana... need I continue? lol
Reason you want to join: The lovely owner of this community asked to become a sister of my community, so I looked around here and decided I wanted to join. I've become a rating whore. :-x

Those two are very recent. I just took them Wednesday.

And this one is from awhile back.
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of course -- automatically since you ARE the mod of our sister community. :)

YaY! You joined! Now we can be whores together in 2 communities! Love ya Emmers! Muahz!
you have a pretty smile ^_^